Connect with your Guides and Angels Workshop

Watch Video of Mani’s Angel Talk in Hong Kong. Press the link below.

Mani’s Angel Talk ( Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel)

Workshops Information and Schedule Coming Soon…

Connecting with angelic energy of pure love and light not only opens the doors to our own spiritual ascension but also enables us to release past traumas, fears, emotional blockages, helps us find answers to life’s pressing situations and provides us an overall healing. It is also comforting to know that we are not by ourselves on this journey of life and there is help available in the form of loving guidance and counsel from our angelic guides and also our own higher wisdom.

When we can begin to tap into this high vibration energy it helps us generate more love and light in our own lives and in a way detoxifies us of negative emotions and lower vibration thoughts. The more love we all generate within us, the more loving and peaceful our planet would be and this would be reflected in our own lives.

In this workshop, Mani Goel will share and help clear blockages to connect with our guides and angels and higher wisdom.

Mani Goel is Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner, Healer, Writer, and Filmmaker. She provides Angel Card Readings, Energy Healing and Restructuring sessions.

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