Power of thoughts in creating & reformulating dream lives- my newspaper article

My Article in Asian Age Newspaper

My Article in Asian Age Newspaper


Power Of Our Thoughts & Words For Creating  and Formulating The Life We Desire.

 As Human beings we are often led to believe that our thoughts and spoken words are irrelevant to the kind of lives we wish to lead, or aspire for. But the truth is that the nature of our thoughts and quality of our spoken words, have profound and direct impact on the nature and quality of our lives. Our thoughts and words are reflection of our deeply buried sub-conscious beliefs and eventually determine the design and quality of our lives.

 Thus, at every moment of our lives we are creating our lives through our thoughts and spoken words. These are potent and living energy streams that serve to set into motion and steer the ‘wheel of creation’ for our personal and collective lives. Thoughts are action in process; and much like every performed action, influence and shape our lives.

 An artist while making his most cherished and beloved masterpiece has to be cognizant and extremely cautious of the colors he puts in the painting, the gentle brush strokes used to create the painting and how various colors and hues are mixed on the palette to create that masterpiece. Similarly, our thoughts and words can be compared to the colors on the artists’ pallette, the act of mixing those colors is how we monitor our thoughts and spoken words to create a beautiful masterpiece, i.e. our life. Brushstrokes on canvas are the expression of thoughts, words, and action on the canvas of our life, and reflect an artists deep-seated belief system, his or her training and technique, which in turn is influenced by the environment the artist is in. But if we look deeply, we will realize that eventually the artist has the power within, to transcend his or her environment, acquired technique and the surroundings to be able to create the masterpiece he so wishes to. And only when he is able to do so, his art touches the sublime realms and attains a higher or spiritual quality, to touch the hearts of many.

Similarly, whatever environment and surroundings, we may find ourselves in, eventually we have the capacity within ourselves to over come and transcend our environment and create our lives into a unique and beautiful work of art or a masterpiece, with the same dexterity as that of a master.

If we learn to recognize and appreciate that all mass is energy and light, and this universe is a vast energy system, and we as human beings in our physical bodies are conduits of this energy, a part of the cosmos akin to stars, and all heavenly astral bodies, we will also realize that our emotions, our thoughts, our spoken words and deeds are also energy in motion causing further energetic resonance, an echo or a ripple effect that in turn shapes and influences our lives and the lives of people and beings around us. Therefore, thoughts of love, kindness, benevolence, peace, and well-being towards others and ourselves will have a like energetic resonance in our lives, just as thoughts   rooted in greed, deception, cruelty, resentment and ill-feelings will eventually have a like resonance. Similarly, the words we speak will also influence our lives be it in short-term or long-term. An unkind word used towards ourselves or any other will eventually create a ripple-effect in our life. A positive word will eventually generate a positive impact and a negative word will influence our life in a negative manner even if such impact is not immediately clear, and may be felt over a time period.

This interconnection can also be explained through the Universal Law of Attraction. As per Universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like and we attract in our lives what we are energetically compatible with at that moment, be it a relationship, job, a situation, physical ailment, or anything else for that matter. Therefore, for example, if we wish to attract a certain dream job, we have to first and foremost align ourselves to it through outer and inner means. Outer means can refer to preparations in terms of improving our qualifications or undertaking further studies, enhancing our physical appearance, preparing our resume, sending our application for the job and other similar aspects. Inner means refer to altering our thought patterns from one of fear or disbelief to one of trust, faith, worthiness and confidence. A single negative thought can impact the situation negatively. Monitoring our thoughts is imperative.

Finally, in such a scenario we can even use daily affirmations to alter any latent belief system that might be adversely affecting our thought patterns. An affirmation that we can use in this situation while manifesting and creating our dream or ideal job to come into our lives is- I have the ideal job for me, which I love and which allows me to live a life of abundance and happiness, take care of mine and my loved ones physical needs and fulfills me in every way possible.

This is how prayer works as well. When we pray to God, or a higher power, we are pouring higher energy into a situation and uplifting our own beliefs, thoughts and expression of words to match the energy of the situation we seek, be it a job interview, an exam, a dream car, or praying for the health and well-being of a loved one.

We can reformulate this affirmation for any particular situation we seek to attract in our lives, while seeking to create our most ideal lives. It is also important to believe, trust, feel, think and use words that reflect as if we already have what we seek. Hence, when we are working towards a relationship, we must be mindful to use the words I ‘am’ in a relationship with my most ideal partner as opposed to I ‘want’ a relationship with my most ideal partner as ‘want’ reflects a gap.

While creating our dream lives, we should be mindful of our thoughts and words towards others and remember to wish for other people, same kind of success, abundance, good health and state of well-being we wish to create for ourselves and our loved ones. This practice of benevolence and kindness towards others generates a positive karmic cycle and energy in our lives and benefits us in ways unimaginable.

A daily affirmation for general well-being: I am forever blessed with good health, success, abundance, prosperity, peace, love, joy and beauty in all areas of my life. I am always surrounded with loving family and friends. Divine grace and mercy always protects and takes care of me, and my loved ones.

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“Embracing Our Inner Child”

Inspirational Template 1Dear friends, its been a long time since I updated my blog. I wasn’t able to devote much time to it in the past. Was also busy  publishing my first book and writing lot more books ( that are still to be published) during this time. From now on, I will be here regularly, writing and posting.

Today, is 1st September 2014 and its officially the start of Autumn and last quarter of 2014. Where did this year go? Like all other years!

There are more posts to follow, but I leave you with one about “Embracing Our Inner Child”.

During my Healing Workshops and Personal Sessions including my personal experiences with healing, I have realised,  a lot of our emotional distress, anguish, sometimes even self-sabotaging patterns that may adversely affect our personal & professional relationships or play havoc with our careers, love lives and life in general stem from childhood. They may often stem from us not having dealt with, or paying enough attention to our own “Inner Child”, who is reaching out for our love, understanding, compassion. We often tend to neglect this “aspect” of ours, going about one’s business of feeling and acting all ‘grown up’. And all this while, our ‘inner child’ continues to call out for our attention. And if we fail to give it this attention, it can often lead to some major emotional issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, other psychological problems such as low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, not being good enough, being a martyr, timidity, anger problems, addictions and eventually culminating into some major physical problems as well.

I recently had the privilege of taking care of – healing and personal counselling- a 60+ young gentleman, going through some serious physical challenges ( I would not mention those here to protect this gentleman’s privacy) and as I continued to do healings for him, I realised that among others, one of the primary causes of his physical challenges, was that his “inner child” had been reaching out for attention and love. So during my distance healing sessions, I began to communicate with this person’s ‘inner child’ letting him know, how much he was cared for and loved. How handsome he was and the wonderful difference he had been making in other people’s lives through his kindness, humble and selfless demeanour. I even did some personal counselling sessions with this gentleman to face the issue head on and directly communicate with his inner child.

And guess what? As we began to do this, this person got the spring in his feet back, he was lively, outgoing, he began to show rapid recovery towards his serious physical ailments, his facial colour changed to a lighter tone, he had more energy, he was laughing, he wanted to go out, share and talk with more people, he had regained his zeal and enthusiasm to live as opposed to few months back when I had met him as a depressed, wounded, ready to give up on life person. It was a remarkable turnaround. He had suddenly regained his lost connection with his most authentic self, his  ‘inner child’ and this in turn led him to renew a sense of power within himself. He has now turned into this beautiful fun-loving angel, he had always been. He is also one of my close friends now.

And I continue to see this on a very regular basis during my ongoing workshops and personal sessions. The pain people can often go through in their adult lives, because they were not able to access, reconnect, nurture and heal their inner child.

Therefore, the more we connect and fully embrace our ‘inner child’, happier, fulfilling, healthier lives we would be leading, topped with better & harmonious inter-personal relationships and professional sucess.

We would be more centred in our authentic loving, divine selves and in doing so, we would also be creating a better, happier, healthier world.

So today, I leave you with an affirmation to connect and send love to your “Inner Child” Let it know, you care!.

Inner Child Affirmation

“Today! I Open my Heart Chakra, & give a warm hug to my “Inner Child”, fully Embracing “My Inner Child” with Love, Compassion, & Complete Understanding.

“You are a Beautiful Divine Child of God, I Love You”.   

Sending Love and Blessings Your Way.



Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel

 Akashic records are the records generated and kept for all souls who have embarked upon this plane of existence. Akashic records are also kept for souls who spend their time on other planes of existence or planets but most of those planes and even life forms on other planets do not generate karma as their energy levels and dimensional vibrations are different, and much higher as compared to Earth. Earth is the planet for which these akashic records are kept and maintained predominantly. And there are many earths in the universe. Time as you witness and experience on this plane of existence does not exist as you ascend from this plane. What you experience now has happened somewhere else and what you may experience in what you term as future is happening now in another plane and slumber state of mind that is creating all these realities and illusions that you term as life. But this illusion is necessary for the souls to evolve, for souls to ascend and move forward and continue further on their journey. So life on this plane is not your primary journey, it is yet another stop and transit point as the soul moves forward and spurs along.

 All souls are indeed divine sparks of light, some shine brighter and some are dimmer, they all have the same essence though but they still differ from each other. This difference is the mystery of the universe. So when souls descend upon this plane, they come with a set of lessons and tasks that are part of their plan. And this plan is influenced by what they have done during their earlier life times on this plane or any other plane. And even though they come with a plan, there is still freewill and freedom to choose and act. Usually the soul will act based on its proclivities but many a times, the lessons and experiences that a soul has gone through will cause the soul to act differently and thus, exercise its freedom to act and choose.

Akashic records are kept as a record of every soul’s life time and actions on this planet.

How about animals and plants? Do they have akashic records as well?

Not all of them have akashic records. Some, who have a strong purpose and action streams have akashic records. Akashic records are mainly for souls in human bodies. They carry the divine imprint of these souls’ life paths and purposes and soul histories through their many human life forms.

 Every soul has a record and all its actions are recorded and can be accessed. These records are kept in the memory of space at energetic level and certain angels or higher energy beings are keepers of these records. Archangel Metatron is in charge of akashic records for humans who have transmigrated from lower realms to human realms. He also keeps records of humans who descend upon this plane with strong karma and attachments towards material things. In other words Archangel Metatron is the keeper of records of humans who are not in an ascended state of being and are still in lower vibration frequency. There are other human souls that are sent on this plane or who decide to come on this plane with strong spiritual ascension in their plan. They are on higher frequency and their records are maintained separately. But these records can be accessed as well. However for these higher frequency human souls, these records serve a different purpose as these souls are more aware of what they are creating, they use these records as reminders of their ascension plans and their higher life purpose when the soul runs into a state of inner turmoil or state of disbelief or lack of faith.

 It is not uncommon for even higher frequency souls to forget their higher soul plan and life purpose as they try to adjust to the coarse energies of the planet. So sometimes they have dream visitations by ascended masters and angels who will guide them and lead them to their akashic records to revitalize their soul memory and instill confidence in them about their experiences on the earthly plane. Often the souls may not remember about these visitation or their own travels but they may wake up from their sleep feeling more confident, with new ideas and relaxed about their lives and experiences in general.

 As for human souls who are still in a lower frequency, they accumulate more karma, and akashic records lay an account of all their karma. These souls lead more earth-based lives and are more concerned with material things. Their life paths are often the result of their past life actions and their will and actions in current lifetime. Every thought and every emotion felt is also recorded. These souls usually would need the assistance of well-trained clairvoyant to get access to their akashic records. Or they may ask angels or ascended masters to show these to them through intuitive messages or during their meditations. However these lower frequency human beings may sometimes not be able to comprehend what is being presented to them. Often the challenges that a soul faces and its behavior patterns are carried forward from earlier life times and akashic records can shed light on these. They may also show the truth about relationships between two souls and their shared history.

 Akashic records contain the records of all human souls in the history of time, and souls often go through their records before they take birth in physical body on earth. Thus, the records are etched in their subtle memories and decide their choices, behavior patterns and certain actions. A soul may then make a certain choice even if it did not need to, just to be able to pay a karmic debt from a earlier life time or to fulfill on a promise. Although these past memories do influence soul’s choices in its current lifetime, it still has a free choice. Most often a sensitive and righteous soul may choose to act in a particular way based on what it may have recorded in its subtle and deep memories, even if it did not need to. So a vow of celibacy from a earlier life time as a monk or nun, may be carried forward in the soul’s subtle memories even if it has no reason to keep those vows in its current lifetime and actually has chosen and wishes to  have a married life and a partner with family and children. Sometimes, souls even take vows of secrecy or suffering as part of their spiritual training and those may be carried forward inadvertently. Some strong-willed souls may still be able to severe those vows and such cords from earlier life times but sensitive souls may find it hard to do so and may experience repeated unwanted patterns in their lives due to hidden memories of their past. These memories could be from an earlier age in current lifetime or substantially older memories from another life time. An access to akashic records then helps clearing such old patterns and even gives the soul a higher perspective and better understanding of its life purpose and life path if it is being called out to do something that may seem far fetched or disjointed from the soul’s conscious memory and current life experience. For example, if a certain soul suddenly feels intuitively guided to move to a place that it may have no apparent connection with, the truth of such guidance may be retrieved through an access to Akashic records.

 Akashic records also help the soul to gain a better understanding of a tragic or traumatic life experience and their karma with other people and if they could have avoided those experiences. These may also help the soul to understand various influences in its life such as influence of certain people, places or even events as seen on television or read in newspapers. A glimpse into akashic records can show certain challenges imprinted upon a soul’s life plan and thus may allow it to avoid them and tread with caution by undertaking some preventive measures. When you hurt some one, or do a negative action of any form, it is recorded and you may have to repay it. This is the cycle of life and accumulation of karma that human souls go through. And a high level of spiritual development, righteous thinking and action, and pursuit of ascension through persistent effort may eventually dissolve the soul’s accumulated karma and enable it to clear its karmic debts and disintegrate its cords with people, events, patterns and places.

 Now a days, when more people are being called into service, in preparation for their ascension and  to inspire others to do the same, it would be useful for souls to seek their akashic records to dissolve repeated patterns of behavior that do not serve them and even gain insights into their higher purpose and role in the overall scheme of things and earthly existence. You can sit in quiet contemplation and ask us, your angels to guide you and reveal to you what you may need to know about your akashic records and areas you can improve. As the earth goes through this process of evolution, human beings are getting increasingly intuitive and can tap into their innate intuitive capacity to get connected with the divine and their higher selves. You have to just ask for guidance and clear all fears, doubts, worry and anxiety related to this. Once you are centered in full knowingness that what is important will be revealed and with sincere and pure intentions towards fulfilling your highest purpose on the planet, you will get answers. They may not come immediately for some and may even take a few days or longer for a revelation but a revelation will occur. The revelation would also depend on the soul’s readiness to receive information and a clarity of mind that can enable it to have and appreciate its own divine connection and divine imprint. Revelation of important information may even occur through dreams in sleep-state, and sometimes you may not remember what was revealed but your subtle consciousness would know and the revelations would be stored in your deep inner most memory. At times the revelations may come in form of free energy and information flow, as a knowingness from highest source. Such information flow may come at an unexpected time and often when the mind is quiet, relaxed or emptied. Sometimes, you may hear voices in your head that are not yours and these voices may reveal something of importance to you. Thus, there are several ways in which information about akashic records may be revealed to you. All you have to do is ask for it as you move forward on your life path. You can call upon us, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel to seek guidance and counsel about your akashic records and you can call upon Archangel Michael to help remove all fears related to the same and to cut cords from previous life times that do not serve you in your current one and in your achievement of your life purpose. You can ask and call upon us to help you act in ways that are for your highest good and to perform actions in a way that enables you to clear your karmic debt and not to accumulate life karma through negative actions. The more your actions are rooted in love and compassion and aimed towards your highest truth and greatest good, better it would be for your akashic records. Do not make your earthly existence and material success the chief aim of your lives. Be cognizant of the overall impact of your thoughts and actions on your world and others, and thus you shall repay your past debts and be able to march forward towards your ascension.

 My note: This was one of the last few chapters that I felt guided to write and include in the book. Archangel Metatron guided me to do so while I mediated to prepare myself, to begin writing on another topic. This subject was not originally intended or planned and was the last topic to be added to the list of twenty five topics that are being covered in this book.

 I firmly believe that this is because Angels wish for us humans to be more and more mindful of our actions- gross and subtle. What we actually enact is a gross action and every thought or emotions we carry is a subtle action but it is action nevertheless. And angels wish to impress upon us the need to closely observe what we think or do. Angels also wish to impress upon us to break away from old behaviour patterns that are carried forward from the past and create the life we wish in the most positive way and through positive influences and energy of love and light. By reminding us of our akashic records, I feel angels would also like us to be aware of what we still sometimes believe to be seeped in mystery. So as we get aware of our akashic records, we may be able to wipe away some of our inner urges, dark tendencies of our mind and perhaps make sense of some of our life decisions, failures and successes. This may enable us to clear the energies of guilt, fear and even sorrow as it would be like having a glimpse into our lives or what we understand as our lives from a higher perspective akin to seeing it from the mountain-top. Angels also wish to remind us and be aware that many a times certain incidents and events take place in our lives and even on the planet as a form of clearing for dark energies, as collective lessons for all humanity, to balance out energy imbalance that has accumulated over centuries, and also to open the hearts of people in love and compassion towards others through a natural tragedy, accident or other such means.

 These incidents occur as a result of and in response to the energies that have accumulated, the karma that has been performed and the intentions with which such karma was performed.  A glimpse into akashic records will make us all aware of the hidden negative tendencies that reside in all of us. While we all are the divine sparks of light, there is a shadow and negative aspect within all of us that presents us the challenges we face and create, consciously or unconsciously. And as the time is now for us to really come into our full power and greatness through the force of love, gratitude, joy and compassion, it may also be an opportune time for us to meditate upon our akashic records, gain a better understanding of things as they are and perform actions with a knowingness and to clear out the energies that do not serve us any longer. This would enable us to prepare for a higher vibration existence and to take part in the earth’s overall ascension plan and process.

 A chapter from – Angel’s Wisdom for Your Life.

 Written By

Mani Goel

Connect with your Guides and Angels Workshop

Watch Video of Mani’s Angel Talk in Hong Kong. Press the link below.

Mani’s Angel Talk ( Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel)

Workshops Information and Schedule Coming Soon…

Connecting with angelic energy of pure love and light not only opens the doors to our own spiritual ascension but also enables us to release past traumas, fears, emotional blockages, helps us find answers to life’s pressing situations and provides us an overall healing. It is also comforting to know that we are not by ourselves on this journey of life and there is help available in the form of loving guidance and counsel from our angelic guides and also our own higher wisdom.

When we can begin to tap into this high vibration energy it helps us generate more love and light in our own lives and in a way detoxifies us of negative emotions and lower vibration thoughts. The more love we all generate within us, the more loving and peaceful our planet would be and this would be reflected in our own lives.

In this workshop, Mani Goel will share and help clear blockages to connect with our guides and angels and higher wisdom.

Mani Goel is Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner, Healer, Writer, and Filmmaker. She provides Angel Card Readings, Energy Healing and Restructuring sessions.

Weekend Angelic/Intuitive Guidance

Wisdom from Mermaids and Dolphins

Just drew three messages from the Cards that I have written. Since these are not yet published, I asked the guides to help me draw messages for all who were meant to read these:) Have a great weekend everyone.

Hope the messages as below resonate and serve.

1). Recognize your Power-You are powerful and capable of bringing about magnificent changes in the world around you. Recognize your potential and be confident.

2). Balance- Maintaining a balanced state of being is essential to having a fulfilling and joyful life with all of God’s glory. As you work hard do not forget to indulge in a little play and time to relax and unwind with your loved ones.

3)Release your Anger-Anger is an emotion. It does not reflect the truth of the situation. Look beyond the anger and your perceptions of this situation and you will be able to see the loving truth that can bring you great joy and peace.

The World In Crisis? What is Happening? 14-03-2011

The world in crisis? What is happening?  ( as posted in Angels’ Healing Circle on March 14th 2011)

A channeled message…( from the Angels)

My dear beloved ones, why are you so scared. Do not be,  beloved ones because you are being taken care of in ways that you cannot imagine. We understand that it is hard for you to imagine that you are being taken care of when you find yourselves surrounded by so many upheavals in the world that you have created. Yes, that is right, this is the world that you have created with your thoughts and with your actions. You may think that this world has gone on far longer than you were even born but still it is your creation and your fellow beings’ creation. We have guided you along the way but the principal of free-will does not allow us to interfere with what you wish and how you act. We can only guide through those who listen  and through subtle messages that may come as dreams, works of arts, words or verses written by some of those great souls among you.

And now you are experiencing the effects of cumulative actions performed over centuries and centuries. Nature is the dominant force, it is the universal life energy and it will find a way to balance itself when the scales are tilted one way or the other. And this is what you experience now in your world. A state of balance being restored so that Planet Earth can go on. A few lives will be lost in the process but those souls agreed to surrender themselves to the mission. And those who live will find themselves transformed by the changes erupting all around them so much so that they would never feel the same again. These changes are necessary, so that the planet is ready to enter a new state of consciousness. So that you are all inspired to give up all that does not serve you. And by this we mean all that does not serve you, your negative emotions, your feelings of separation from others and the environment. You are all not separate and when you realize this, you will begin to make changes not to help anyone else but yourself. You will live better, do better actions, think better not because you are altruistic but because you wish to improve your lives, your children’s lives. And this is the message we bring to you. You are being taken care of, the changes, the natural disasters, political changes, destruction of nuclear power plants that you witness is all that is required for you to live in a better society, in a better world. If you do not give up then nature will find a way to make you give up what does not serve you. In the world that awaits you, you would not need nuclear power plants that can endanger your own well-being and your home this planet. And these are signs that the time for you to make necessary changes is now. The changes will have to be made from the top. The leaders have to make these changes that can then trickle down to all. But the time to make these changes has come.

Some places will undergo more changes than others because there has been an accumulation of undesirable energies due to geographical. political, social, economic or spiritual reasons. But these changes occurring in various parts of the world are symbolic of the changes that now need to be made consciously. The world will not end and the damage caused by emission of nuclear emission would be minimized but these are reminders that you all need to pay heed to. Open your hearts to one another, pray, develop compassion, mercy, love in your hearts, pray not only for others but for your own world to achieve a state of peace and calm because what ever happens in any part of the world affects you all. Prayer has a great healing quality and it can help mitigate the impact of this crisis.  Be in touch with your spirituality, because all of you are aware of it, spirituality is not something to be frowned upon or laughed at. It is the greatest truth and the more in touch you all are with your spiritual selves, the better and more fulfilling your experience of life would be. Learn from what is happening around you, do not get caught up in the maze of news headlines, but use this opportunity to make changes within yourself and pray. Pray that what is unfolding ends with least damage and pray that the natural order of things be restored on your planet. We the angels, the ascended masters are with you and we guide you but we can only guide, we cannot interfere with your free will. So we urge you develop love and compassion, do not be fearful and send out daily prayers for the state of your world to change in positive ways. Take good care of your children.

Love and Light.



 This is a Chapter from my Book “Healing as a Way of Life” that I am in the process of writing.


 Truth and Integrity are not just virtues or two empty words to be used in self-enhancement workshops. These are the pillars of life, the very essence of nature and the universe. Everything in the universe is in truth and integrity with its purpose. Be it a little shrub, a flower that comes to full bloom only for a day in whole year, to wither the very next day and for it to come to life yet again next spring. Everything you look at, that is part of the mighty universe is in truth and integrity. It does not need any special effort to do so.   This is the natural state of being and hence effortless.

But human beings as the most special of creations have the power of self-will. We have a mind that thinks and analyzes and spurs us into action. We are a complex matrix of emotions, spiritual powers, mental patterns, physical needs and capabilities. We are subject to being influenced by our environment and circumstances, perhaps even the stars we are born under. We are special beings and created in the image of God. And as I go out these days, especially to a crowded place like a beach on a weekend or a popular night spot and see the hoards of people frolicking around, having a nice time with their families or getting drunk, acting crazy, wayward or simply having fun with their friends, all I see is the multitude of gods who have descended on this plane. A lot of them or rather most of them just don’t know it yet. Yes, this is true, we are all Gods and we are blessed with all the powers of the creator and it is up to us how we channel those powers and what energies we decide to act a conduit for.

We are all conduits, we are all channels, we are all messengers, we are all creators of our destiny and that of everyone else around us. We are creating the destiny of this planet at this very moment. And what keeps us going and keeps this planet going is that for every negative energy and action of violence and hatred that is being channeled, there are a million actions and thoughts rooted in love and peace that are being brought down on this plane too and thus, we keep going and still existing.

Because the acts of violence although being committed by the human beings who are blessed with the same powers as everyone else and at the same time and in concurrence with loving actions being performed on the planet are superseded by loving thoughts and actions, thus negating the influence of destructive actions being performed. But we don’t talk about those million actions of kindness and love and generosity that are  being performed by people now, as I type these words and even as you read them. These are just little common-day actions, hence not worthy of a second thought or so we assume.

Who would want to pay attention to a word of thanks, a smile from a stranger, a hug from a friend, getting good wishes or blessings from loved ones. We accept all of these and move on. These are often taken for granted as they are expected. This is how it should be, isn’t it? These are believed to be a natural state of our being, we would be forced to pay attention if we didn’t get any of those. And hence rude behavior from a restaurant staff, a flippant remark from a colleague, a thoughtless action or breach of faith from a friend, arrogant attitude of a customer, an act of betrayal from a partner, or an act of violence, elicits a reaction of hurt, anger, pain, withdrawal and even further violent reaction from us. We did not expect it and we did not think we deserved it, and it simply does not fit into our natural state of being and how we wish to experience our lives.

The truth is we all wish to experience our lives with love, peace, happiness, comfort and in a way where our basic needs and necessities are provided for and one of the most basic needs of a human being is love beside food, water and clothing to cover the body. This is the truth of existence. And when we begin to deviate from this truth or somehow our environment and circumstances that is the people we are surrounded with or perhaps the job we are in, the partner we are so attached with is not aligned with this truth and in return runs the risk of leading us to deviate from this truth that resides at the very core of our being, this is when problems begin to appear.

Our balance begins to shift, we begin to move away from our true essence and we lose integrity within ourselves. We are now living with falsehood and camouflaging it with a lot of paraphernalia and even opulence to make up for the loss deep within or, many times the shift has been so subtle that we don’t even notice it. We just go about living our life not being aware that we have tipped. After all we are the products of our environment and we all have the need to fit in.

This need to fit in, and cover up for what seems missing overrides any inner voice or subtle longings deep within to act, react or live differently. Sometimes, these whispers may turn into a loud ringing voice in our ears to alter our course and to change our direction. And if we listen to this voice and indeed change our course, then things may begin to change. The trick is to always live in a way that we know deep within is true to our inner essence.

It could sometimes mean introducing simple changes like an hour of physical exercise in your daily routine, or taking a holiday and making a habit of it every other month because your spirit needs it to rejuvenate, open your heart to the world and start by saying hello to your neighbors because this is who you truly are. Perhaps sign up for a music class or a dance workshop if your heart is craving for it. Or give up your legal career to set up a non-profit organization. The list is endless and likely, vastly different for two people. The only common factors here being ‘love’ and ‘truth’.

Truth is a furnace and it is not always easy to walk the path of truth. What you recognize as truth may not necessarily fit the moral boundaries designed by you or others and the society. But it would be the truth, your truth and no one but you can be the judge of that. And once you set on the path of truth, it burns away all shreds of fear, falsehood, moral facades and all forms of excess that keeps you from touching your own core, your inner essence.  And when you begin to get a glimpse of your true essence and begin to live in integrity with yourself (no one else but yourself), you begin to feel whole again. A state of healing would have now begun for you.  


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Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

We urge you to stay on the path and never to give up and never to think that you are alone because you are not. We are there with you. Life is for you to live not  as a journey but a passage that you are making while traversing the path of your soul. This is earthly life, just a passage of your soul. And when you are here, you do the best you can and then pass on to do more, learn more and if you choose to and have to, then you come back again to make yet another passage. Life on this planet is therefore not your journey, it is a stop and a turn in your journey. That will lead you to your final destination. Your soul was journeying even before you came here and will continue to even after you leave from here. So this is not your journey, this is but a transit point, a transition and while you are making this transition, you will meet familiar people and will be led to do tasks that you have set out to. So do not make this life your whole and be all. Because it is not. Do not take it so seriously as you humans are used to taking it. We wish to bring this message to all humans that they are just transiting on this planet and therefore do not need to make their stay and their experience here so grim and serious. When you realize this, you will begin to find no need to wage wars, and fight amongst each other because you are all passengers passing by and meeting each other on this planet. Do not think that you travel only when you sit on an aeroplane and set out to see new places on planet earth. You are already traveling and you can consider your air travels as a travel within a travel.

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