Card Decks

  1. Stephanie Stevens

    How beautiful and inspiring, this website is. I stumbled a pone this website because of the archangel Micheal drawing. It’s beautiful! I began to read some paragraphs and messages from archangel Micheal and Mani and I am so grateful for the personal insights I have derived.I have been trying to improve myself and help others for the longest time, and I was unhappy. I realized after reading that I do take life too seriously most of the time. I Just feel that the balance I’m searching for is only one inch thick and I have to stand on my tippy-toes balancing in order to stay balanced. I’m still always going to do my best but I am letting go of my fear and PRIDE in order to achieve greatness (ohh big scary words) and simply be happy. Send me a little love and support if you can Please, cause the whole idea of leetting go of my fears is very daunting. This comment really turned into a novel. haha. Just know that I think it is amazing how do a million wonder things everyday of your blessed life Mani. I support you all the way!
    Thank You for your light.


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