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Power of thoughts in creating & reformulating dream lives- my newspaper article

My Article in Asian Age Newspaper

My Article in Asian Age Newspaper


Power Of Our Thoughts & Words For Creating  and Formulating The Life We Desire.

 As Human beings we are often led to believe that our thoughts and spoken words are irrelevant to the kind of lives we wish to lead, or aspire for. But the truth is that the nature of our thoughts and quality of our spoken words, have profound and direct impact on the nature and quality of our lives. Our thoughts and words are reflection of our deeply buried sub-conscious beliefs and eventually determine the design and quality of our lives.

 Thus, at every moment of our lives we are creating our lives through our thoughts and spoken words. These are potent and living energy streams that serve to set into motion and steer the ‘wheel of creation’ for our personal and collective lives. Thoughts are action in process; and much like every performed action, influence and shape our lives.

 An artist while making his most cherished and beloved masterpiece has to be cognizant and extremely cautious of the colors he puts in the painting, the gentle brush strokes used to create the painting and how various colors and hues are mixed on the palette to create that masterpiece. Similarly, our thoughts and words can be compared to the colors on the artists’ pallette, the act of mixing those colors is how we monitor our thoughts and spoken words to create a beautiful masterpiece, i.e. our life. Brushstrokes on canvas are the expression of thoughts, words, and action on the canvas of our life, and reflect an artists deep-seated belief system, his or her training and technique, which in turn is influenced by the environment the artist is in. But if we look deeply, we will realize that eventually the artist has the power within, to transcend his or her environment, acquired technique and the surroundings to be able to create the masterpiece he so wishes to. And only when he is able to do so, his art touches the sublime realms and attains a higher or spiritual quality, to touch the hearts of many.

Similarly, whatever environment and surroundings, we may find ourselves in, eventually we have the capacity within ourselves to over come and transcend our environment and create our lives into a unique and beautiful work of art or a masterpiece, with the same dexterity as that of a master.

If we learn to recognize and appreciate that all mass is energy and light, and this universe is a vast energy system, and we as human beings in our physical bodies are conduits of this energy, a part of the cosmos akin to stars, and all heavenly astral bodies, we will also realize that our emotions, our thoughts, our spoken words and deeds are also energy in motion causing further energetic resonance, an echo or a ripple effect that in turn shapes and influences our lives and the lives of people and beings around us. Therefore, thoughts of love, kindness, benevolence, peace, and well-being towards others and ourselves will have a like energetic resonance in our lives, just as thoughts   rooted in greed, deception, cruelty, resentment and ill-feelings will eventually have a like resonance. Similarly, the words we speak will also influence our lives be it in short-term or long-term. An unkind word used towards ourselves or any other will eventually create a ripple-effect in our life. A positive word will eventually generate a positive impact and a negative word will influence our life in a negative manner even if such impact is not immediately clear, and may be felt over a time period.

This interconnection can also be explained through the Universal Law of Attraction. As per Universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like and we attract in our lives what we are energetically compatible with at that moment, be it a relationship, job, a situation, physical ailment, or anything else for that matter. Therefore, for example, if we wish to attract a certain dream job, we have to first and foremost align ourselves to it through outer and inner means. Outer means can refer to preparations in terms of improving our qualifications or undertaking further studies, enhancing our physical appearance, preparing our resume, sending our application for the job and other similar aspects. Inner means refer to altering our thought patterns from one of fear or disbelief to one of trust, faith, worthiness and confidence. A single negative thought can impact the situation negatively. Monitoring our thoughts is imperative.

Finally, in such a scenario we can even use daily affirmations to alter any latent belief system that might be adversely affecting our thought patterns. An affirmation that we can use in this situation while manifesting and creating our dream or ideal job to come into our lives is- I have the ideal job for me, which I love and which allows me to live a life of abundance and happiness, take care of mine and my loved ones physical needs and fulfills me in every way possible.

This is how prayer works as well. When we pray to God, or a higher power, we are pouring higher energy into a situation and uplifting our own beliefs, thoughts and expression of words to match the energy of the situation we seek, be it a job interview, an exam, a dream car, or praying for the health and well-being of a loved one.

We can reformulate this affirmation for any particular situation we seek to attract in our lives, while seeking to create our most ideal lives. It is also important to believe, trust, feel, think and use words that reflect as if we already have what we seek. Hence, when we are working towards a relationship, we must be mindful to use the words I ‘am’ in a relationship with my most ideal partner as opposed to I ‘want’ a relationship with my most ideal partner as ‘want’ reflects a gap.

While creating our dream lives, we should be mindful of our thoughts and words towards others and remember to wish for other people, same kind of success, abundance, good health and state of well-being we wish to create for ourselves and our loved ones. This practice of benevolence and kindness towards others generates a positive karmic cycle and energy in our lives and benefits us in ways unimaginable.

A daily affirmation for general well-being: I am forever blessed with good health, success, abundance, prosperity, peace, love, joy and beauty in all areas of my life. I am always surrounded with loving family and friends. Divine grace and mercy always protects and takes care of me, and my loved ones.

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