This is a Chapter from my Book “Healing as a Way of Life” that I am in the process of writing.


 Truth and Integrity are not just virtues or two empty words to be used in self-enhancement workshops. These are the pillars of life, the very essence of nature and the universe. Everything in the universe is in truth and integrity with its purpose. Be it a little shrub, a flower that comes to full bloom only for a day in whole year, to wither the very next day and for it to come to life yet again next spring. Everything you look at, that is part of the mighty universe is in truth and integrity. It does not need any special effort to do so.   This is the natural state of being and hence effortless.

But human beings as the most special of creations have the power of self-will. We have a mind that thinks and analyzes and spurs us into action. We are a complex matrix of emotions, spiritual powers, mental patterns, physical needs and capabilities. We are subject to being influenced by our environment and circumstances, perhaps even the stars we are born under. We are special beings and created in the image of God. And as I go out these days, especially to a crowded place like a beach on a weekend or a popular night spot and see the hoards of people frolicking around, having a nice time with their families or getting drunk, acting crazy, wayward or simply having fun with their friends, all I see is the multitude of gods who have descended on this plane. A lot of them or rather most of them just don’t know it yet. Yes, this is true, we are all Gods and we are blessed with all the powers of the creator and it is up to us how we channel those powers and what energies we decide to act a conduit for.

We are all conduits, we are all channels, we are all messengers, we are all creators of our destiny and that of everyone else around us. We are creating the destiny of this planet at this very moment. And what keeps us going and keeps this planet going is that for every negative energy and action of violence and hatred that is being channeled, there are a million actions and thoughts rooted in love and peace that are being brought down on this plane too and thus, we keep going and still existing.

Because the acts of violence although being committed by the human beings who are blessed with the same powers as everyone else and at the same time and in concurrence with loving actions being performed on the planet are superseded by loving thoughts and actions, thus negating the influence of destructive actions being performed. But we don’t talk about those million actions of kindness and love and generosity that are  being performed by people now, as I type these words and even as you read them. These are just little common-day actions, hence not worthy of a second thought or so we assume.

Who would want to pay attention to a word of thanks, a smile from a stranger, a hug from a friend, getting good wishes or blessings from loved ones. We accept all of these and move on. These are often taken for granted as they are expected. This is how it should be, isn’t it? These are believed to be a natural state of our being, we would be forced to pay attention if we didn’t get any of those. And hence rude behavior from a restaurant staff, a flippant remark from a colleague, a thoughtless action or breach of faith from a friend, arrogant attitude of a customer, an act of betrayal from a partner, or an act of violence, elicits a reaction of hurt, anger, pain, withdrawal and even further violent reaction from us. We did not expect it and we did not think we deserved it, and it simply does not fit into our natural state of being and how we wish to experience our lives.

The truth is we all wish to experience our lives with love, peace, happiness, comfort and in a way where our basic needs and necessities are provided for and one of the most basic needs of a human being is love beside food, water and clothing to cover the body. This is the truth of existence. And when we begin to deviate from this truth or somehow our environment and circumstances that is the people we are surrounded with or perhaps the job we are in, the partner we are so attached with is not aligned with this truth and in return runs the risk of leading us to deviate from this truth that resides at the very core of our being, this is when problems begin to appear.

Our balance begins to shift, we begin to move away from our true essence and we lose integrity within ourselves. We are now living with falsehood and camouflaging it with a lot of paraphernalia and even opulence to make up for the loss deep within or, many times the shift has been so subtle that we don’t even notice it. We just go about living our life not being aware that we have tipped. After all we are the products of our environment and we all have the need to fit in.

This need to fit in, and cover up for what seems missing overrides any inner voice or subtle longings deep within to act, react or live differently. Sometimes, these whispers may turn into a loud ringing voice in our ears to alter our course and to change our direction. And if we listen to this voice and indeed change our course, then things may begin to change. The trick is to always live in a way that we know deep within is true to our inner essence.

It could sometimes mean introducing simple changes like an hour of physical exercise in your daily routine, or taking a holiday and making a habit of it every other month because your spirit needs it to rejuvenate, open your heart to the world and start by saying hello to your neighbors because this is who you truly are. Perhaps sign up for a music class or a dance workshop if your heart is craving for it. Or give up your legal career to set up a non-profit organization. The list is endless and likely, vastly different for two people. The only common factors here being ‘love’ and ‘truth’.

Truth is a furnace and it is not always easy to walk the path of truth. What you recognize as truth may not necessarily fit the moral boundaries designed by you or others and the society. But it would be the truth, your truth and no one but you can be the judge of that. And once you set on the path of truth, it burns away all shreds of fear, falsehood, moral facades and all forms of excess that keeps you from touching your own core, your inner essence.  And when you begin to get a glimpse of your true essence and begin to live in integrity with yourself (no one else but yourself), you begin to feel whole again. A state of healing would have now begun for you.  


Copyright- Mani Goel 2014. No part of this article may be reproduced or copied without the consent and written permission of the author. 

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