The World In Crisis? What is Happening? 14-03-2011

The world in crisis? What is happening?  ( as posted in Angels’ Healing Circle on March 14th 2011)

A channeled message…( from the Angels)

My dear beloved ones, why are you so scared. Do not be,  beloved ones because you are being taken care of in ways that you cannot imagine. We understand that it is hard for you to imagine that you are being taken care of when you find yourselves surrounded by so many upheavals in the world that you have created. Yes, that is right, this is the world that you have created with your thoughts and with your actions. You may think that this world has gone on far longer than you were even born but still it is your creation and your fellow beings’ creation. We have guided you along the way but the principal of free-will does not allow us to interfere with what you wish and how you act. We can only guide through those who listen  and through subtle messages that may come as dreams, works of arts, words or verses written by some of those great souls among you.

And now you are experiencing the effects of cumulative actions performed over centuries and centuries. Nature is the dominant force, it is the universal life energy and it will find a way to balance itself when the scales are tilted one way or the other. And this is what you experience now in your world. A state of balance being restored so that Planet Earth can go on. A few lives will be lost in the process but those souls agreed to surrender themselves to the mission. And those who live will find themselves transformed by the changes erupting all around them so much so that they would never feel the same again. These changes are necessary, so that the planet is ready to enter a new state of consciousness. So that you are all inspired to give up all that does not serve you. And by this we mean all that does not serve you, your negative emotions, your feelings of separation from others and the environment. You are all not separate and when you realize this, you will begin to make changes not to help anyone else but yourself. You will live better, do better actions, think better not because you are altruistic but because you wish to improve your lives, your children’s lives. And this is the message we bring to you. You are being taken care of, the changes, the natural disasters, political changes, destruction of nuclear power plants that you witness is all that is required for you to live in a better society, in a better world. If you do not give up then nature will find a way to make you give up what does not serve you. In the world that awaits you, you would not need nuclear power plants that can endanger your own well-being and your home this planet. And these are signs that the time for you to make necessary changes is now. The changes will have to be made from the top. The leaders have to make these changes that can then trickle down to all. But the time to make these changes has come.

Some places will undergo more changes than others because there has been an accumulation of undesirable energies due to geographical. political, social, economic or spiritual reasons. But these changes occurring in various parts of the world are symbolic of the changes that now need to be made consciously. The world will not end and the damage caused by emission of nuclear emission would be minimized but these are reminders that you all need to pay heed to. Open your hearts to one another, pray, develop compassion, mercy, love in your hearts, pray not only for others but for your own world to achieve a state of peace and calm because what ever happens in any part of the world affects you all. Prayer has a great healing quality and it can help mitigate the impact of this crisis.  Be in touch with your spirituality, because all of you are aware of it, spirituality is not something to be frowned upon or laughed at. It is the greatest truth and the more in touch you all are with your spiritual selves, the better and more fulfilling your experience of life would be. Learn from what is happening around you, do not get caught up in the maze of news headlines, but use this opportunity to make changes within yourself and pray. Pray that what is unfolding ends with least damage and pray that the natural order of things be restored on your planet. We the angels, the ascended masters are with you and we guide you but we can only guide, we cannot interfere with your free will. So we urge you develop love and compassion, do not be fearful and send out daily prayers for the state of your world to change in positive ways. Take good care of your children.

Love and Light.


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